“I run a successful digital technology business, which I set up over 10 years now. Richard Dubb was my Mentor and Coach over a number of years. Richard mentored me, right from the outset, and, to this day, I can truly say Richard is a key part of the reason I have managed to achieve success in business. He was an extremely smart, insightful, calm and strategic guide. Richard’s mentoring wasn’t simply “in the moment” fixes, but rather, I find that, to this day, I am drawing on his advice and guidelines, as they applied as lessons and principles on an ongoing basis. This is a rare mentoring skill. Coaching and mentoring can be formulaic these days. Not Richard. He is a stand out, not only in his mentoring skills, across all key aspects of a business, but in the ethical standards and integrity that come with this. His values are impeccable. I can only highly recommend Richard if you are looking for a mentor.”


“Richard is a highly skilled management professional with considerable experience in running and contributing to management boards. While employed as Chairman of Soulfresh Group, he was instrumental in establishing the first fully functioning board of directors and helping to guide Soulfresh through the integration to becoming a national business. He also acted as a mentor and sounding board for me, to assist me with the directorship of the group. Richard has vast experience in in all aspects of management including chairing boards, financial forecasting and management, human resources and business strategy. His skills have helped to create a professional and strategic management style within Soulfresh which is driving the way we act as a business. I wholeheartedly recommend Richard as a director or chairman. His innate sense of business and management skills will benefit any business looking to add a key member to their management board or who is looking to enlist a mentor to help take them to the next level.”


“From a real loss of around $7.5 million last financial year, we are now likely to return a modest profit – I feel that you should be extremely satisfied with the result following your involvement. Personally, I believe that you fulfilled the role of change agent here perfectly.”


“I called upon Richard Dubb during a particularly difficult and unsettling period in the affairs of the Company. Not only did he translate a significant loss into profit in a short period of time, but he gave outstanding leadership and his personal efforts prevented more serious problems from developing.”

“His understanding (practical) and knowledge of merchandise and hands on selling experience obviously enabled him to provide us with numerous objectives and goal setting that were introduced……. Our stores have progressed significantly and over a two year period, sales have increased approx. 60% and we are now trading profitably…this would not have been achieved without your contribution.”

“He identified the need then led a restructuring program that has since seen the company substantially improve financial performance. Richard influenced the culture by making managers more accountable for performance and increasing the focus on financial performance but perhaps his most important legacy was to improve the quality of the management team.”


“Thank you for your excellent report and briefings. Its logic, analytical approach and concise recommendations present us with clear directions and action necessary to return the business to a satisfactory level of profitability.”


“I am sure you are wondering why you are getting a letter from me.  Well, I wanted to thank you.  You gave me opportunities and challenges that I would not have experienced anywhere else.  I could say, you pushed me to my limits, but until then I have no idea what I was capable of.  You taught me about hard work, about being assertive, about being responsible and about being involved in the business.”


“Until I worked at … I didn’t know it was possible to get passionate about accounting, about my job.  You taught me that.  The opportunities and experience that you gave me are invaluable.”


“Your support and professionalism towards my development is irreplaceable and cannot be matched with any other managers whom I have worked for. This development has made me a very strong person in a business sense.”

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